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Storage Tips

Many people who haven’t used storage space before might think you can simply place your items in a unit, lock it, and that’s all there is to it. However, there is a lot to consider when storing your items such as organizing, optimizing space, and temperature control to avoid damage to your items. Armadillo Storage Co. in Durango offers general and item-specific storage tips to help you get the most out of your unit.

Boxes stack better than bags and are sturdier, so use them whenever possible—you can put bags inside of boxes if needed.

Palettes and shelving can be used and will raise possessions off the floor, minimizing contact with dirt, etc.

Never lean a mattress directly on the wall or floor—always wrap them in plastic.

Label each box with something clearly visible and specific as this will make it easier to unpack items.

Please do not store perishable food. This prevents the smell or potential contamination caused by food that would be forgotten and spoil in your unit.

If you need quick access to an item, store it close to the door.

Protect the spines of your books, folders, and documents by storing them flat, and separate them in small boxes to avoid heavy boxes you have trouble lifting.

Antique furniture, musical instruments, art objects, and sensitive electronic equipment need to be stored in a climate controlled unit.

Wrap dishes and glassware individually using blank paper or foam covers, and don’t stack boxes on top of these items as it could easily break them.

Keep wood and upholstered furniture off the floor and use dust covers.

Did you know tools and bicycles along with other metal items can be coated with a light layer of oil to deter rust?

Make sure you drain appliances of water and clean them thoroughly. Defrost refrigerators or freezers completely, and leave the door ajar or take it off. To save space, you can store pots and pans inside of these appliances.

Power tools or other gas powered equipment should be drained of fuel, treated with a fuel stabilizer, and cleaned well before storing them.

We also recommend a fuel stabilizer for vehicle gas tanks. Inflate the tires more than normal as they will lose air from sitting still, and disconnect the battery. You can place the battery in a different area to avoid freezing. Food wrappers and clothing can attract animals, so clean your car of them thoroughly before storing. Place cardboard under your oil pan in case it leaks, and look through your owner’s manual for storage tips specific to your vehicle.

1555 CO 3, Suite A Durango, CO 81301